AAUW Wilmington 2014-2015 Executive Board

President Phyllis Leimer
Co-Vice Presidents – Programs Kathleen Davis & Linda Wyatt
Vice President – Membership Ava Bevins
Secretary Robin Zalob
Treasurer Suzanne Rosenblum

Committee Chairs

Bylaws Open
Directory Ava Bevins
Educational Found./Scholarships Kay Teagardner
Historian Jo Chadwick
Hospitality Nancy Braman &
Lill Van Order
Legal Advocacy Fund Karen Holbrook
Newsletter Anne Logan
Publicity Christine Axelrod
Public Policy Stephanna Tewey
Helen Bolles
Donna Geise

Projects and Events Chairs

Carolina Author’s Luncheon Christine Axelrod and Robin Zalob
Eyes to the Future
Vision Testing Co-Chairs

Sandy Apple and Dawn Ferrer
$tart $mart/Elect Her


Sandra McLaurin

 Jean D’Addario

December Luncheon Harvin Quidas
May Luncheon Nominating Committee Ava Bevins (chair)
Mimi Cunningham
Phyllis Gubberman