Membership Dues 2017-2018

(Dues are subject to change)


Association: $49

State:          $11

Branch:       $15

Total:           $75

 Membership Categories

Membership Requirements:

Membership is open to all who hold an associate or higher degree from an accredited college or university or from a foreign institution recognized by the International Federation of University Women.

Memberpays yearly dues to Branch, State, and Association, payable on or before June 30. Reinstatement requests and new members’ applications are accepted at all times. The branch treasurer collects all payments.

Dual Branch Memberpays the Association, State and Branch dues to the primary branch. Branch dues are paid to the secondary branch.

Paid Life Member pays 20 years of Association dues in a lump sum. The member pays State and Branch dues annually.

Transfer Memberpays no dues to the new branch and is entitled to full membership privileges for the current year. A member-in-transit card from the original branch verifies the status of the transferee.

Member-at-Large pays annual dues ($49.00) directly to the Association and does not belong to any branch.

Beginning April 1, 2009, of the $49.00 AAUW Association individual member dues, $46.00 is tax deductible. Donations to EF and LAF are fully tax deductible. Download the donation form here.


2017-2018 Membership Form